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Gourmet Mexiterranean

Among the green hills of the golf course designed by Jack Nicklaus in Punta de Mita,
Nayarit is the exclusive oasis from the beautiful beach of Punta Fortuna.

Sufi Punta de Mita, specializing in Mexiterranean Food Restaurant, which consists of a combination of exotic Mediterranean food and food Mexicana.nSufí Amazing Casual and lies within one of the most beautiful scenery of the Bay of Banderas, so Come and enjoy a wonderful view, accompanied with a special service of our staff, without doubt Sufi Punta de Mita is your best choice when visiting this paradise lugar.Te invite you to come and live an unforgettable experience, leaving you consent to the delicious food we put into your hands, which you can see on the menu section on this website ... We remind you that you can reserve at this time we will gladly look a special table for you and your family or friends ...


A Sufi is one that has two points of view: his own and that of others.

Sufism is neither religion nor cult or sect, or is just east or west. Sufism, which means wisdom, has always been a way to truth.

Despite its significance, it is not assumed that by following the path of

Sufi, one is necessarily wise. Sufism is a test in which one is constantly faced, having to show how deeply understands what spirituality.

A Sufi is one who is aware that life is not necessarily what one perceives, or what one is told it is. But life is lived beyond the level of physical experience, level of thinking, feeling level, and above all, to an even higher level of consciousness, where self is no longer the barrier between reality of illusion.

Maybe someday turn, one will discover what it's like internal security, where everything has only the value or importance one gives. Nothing is important and yet everything is important, but what is important to you, not always it is for others. The Sufi always remains free to judge others and say what is good and bad. For the Sufi, good and evil are concepts that can only be perceived in the individual conscience.

You can say that Sufism is the process that causes enlargement of the heart border, and so the truth can radiate inside and a bright sun, illuminating all that is receptive to its rays of light.

"Beyond the ideas to do good or to do evil, there is a field. There we find. "

"Only through the heart you'll reach the sky."

Rumi, known Sufi and

Famous Poet